🫂Privacy Policy

Wallets and Other On-Chain Data

All wallet addresses are stored in a database, along with private keys which are encrypted with AES256bit encryption. There is no way for ReadySwap to reveal wallets engaging with the ReadySwap platform, beyond what can read by the public on blockchain explorers.

ReadySwap has no way to reveal or access private keys.


When you use the ReadySwap platform from your desktop or mobile device, you may interact with us electronically. You agree to receive electronic communications from us, such as telegram notifications. You can also save copies of these messages for your needs. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other forms of communication that we provide to you electronically satisfy all legal requirements for written forms of communication.

By using our platform, you confirm your consent with the Privacy Policy. We may periodically update this policy by publishing a new version on our website. Please check this page occasionally to make sure you are comfortable with any changes.

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