6% of trading fees after referral distribution go to the treasury which allows for continuous marketing, community events, contests, giveaways, development, and an emergency fund for any non-user malfunctions that may occur. Once liquid enough, on-chain trading will be performed to bolster the treasury. Profits then go towards more buybacks & more rev share deposits to boost holder rewards further!

10.5% of $RS token supply will also be held for the ReadySwap Treasury. 8% of treasury assets are locked and vested for 10 months with 10% unlocked per month. The rest are securely stored in ReadySwap's Squads Multi Sig wallet. Transactions require 3/4 signers. Signers are 2 from the Tuf Team and 2 from Shilluminati DAO.

The treasury will be advised by Shilluminati DAO, which has an excellent track record of managing personal portfolios and treasuries in the 7 figure range. Their DAO treasury, which began trading in October 2023 has grown from 30k to over 1M in assets.

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