ReadySwap as a Fee for Service Offering

Swaps through ReadySwap will be charged a 1% tax on every buy and sell.

Readyswap smart contract handles this automatically. If you’d like to double-check this, please visit the block explorer SolScan (<link needs to be attached with smart contract ca) to find the transactions.

  • The bot charges 1% directly from each transaction taken on execution.

  • Failed swap transactions will not be charged.

  • For comparison, Metamask charges a 0.875% fee on swaps without the additional speed of private node, saved presets, two-click to swap, and token pre-launch swap positioning features.

  • There are no plans to introduce a subscription-based service.

The ReadySwap on SOL platform is designed for users to access new token launches and high volume token buys through a super-quick and easy interface, with a focus on speed and pre-configuration of trade settings to allow for the most optimal token entries and exits.

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