🛠️Wallet Setup

To begin, simply select Start from the menu to launch the onboarding process. A language selection menu will pop up. Choose your language.

Once selected, a new trading wallet will be automatically generated for you. The wallet address and private key will be provided. **Important: this is the only time you will be able to access this private key for this so make sure you store it somewhere safe! For more information on private key management refer to Security

If you prefer to import your own wallet instead, you can go to the Wallets menu from the homepage or type /wallets.

From there you will have a submenu with multiple options to manage your wallets:

  • Import wallet: If you would like to use one of your own wallets, you can import it by pasting in your private key into the message box.

  • Disconnect wallet: For disconnecting one or multiple of your wallets from ReadySwap. **Important: be sure that if you disconnect your wallet you have the private key stored otherwise you will no longer be able to access that wallet.

  • Withdraw: Allows you to withdraw SOL or a SOL token into another wallet

  • Convert to WSOL/SOL: Allows back and forth conversion between the two. Trading with WSOL is recommended as it is slightly faster then regular SOL transactions. If you decide to do this, be sure to save some SOL to pay for gas fees.

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