Buy Panel Settings

  • Select Liq Pool: Allows you to interact with a specific liquidity pool.

  • Delay: you can delay your buy if you think a snipe will be jito targeted and insta dumped, aiming to buy after this dump. This setting is in milliseconds, so entering 3000 means your delay will be 3 seconds long. You can also enter a negative delay. If you know at what time a launch is at, you can enter -3000 for example so that the bot begins sending txns 3 seconds before the projected launch time and you can catch a super early snipe.

  • Anti MEV: This is turned on by default and is highly recommended to be used as we have found it does not impact speed of your txns and eliminates the risk of getting frontrun.

  • Jito Tip: This allows you to only trade on jito validator-managed slots. Since jito provides the antimev for their slots, these blocks are 100% secured. This bribe method drastically increases not only transaction priority, but reliability as well by boosting landing success rate. Recommended tip for this feature is 0.01 SOL, but can be increased up to 0.05 depending on how competitive the launch is. If you are trying to get into the first block of launch, this feature is not recommended since there is no guarantee that it will be a jito block.

Note: "Tip X SOL" is used to set jito tips for manual buys while "Snipe Tip X" is used for jito tips while sniping.

  • Only Jito Tx: If enabled, your transactions will be managed by jito validators only.

WARNING: Using jito txs may cause errors with PNL tracking where sometimes it says a transaction failed, but it actually confirmed. It is only a display error and your actual balance will still properly show under Holdings. This is a minor sacrifice that boosts speed massively.

  • Slippage + Snipe Slippage: Set your slippage for your buys and your snipes. Your transaction will revert if the price changes by more than this % before your transaction is confirmed. By default it is set to 100% which is unlimited. You can adjust it to suit your risk profile. For sniping, it is common to have 100% slippage or your transaction is likely to fail.

WARNING: If using higher slippage, be sure to also have Anti MEV selected to prevent getting frontrun by bots, which would result in an unfavorable trade.

  • Gas Limit + Price: This is an additional fee you can include to help prioritize your transaction.

  • Snipe Gas: There are two types of launches: Time Listed and Unlisted (On the trade page, a countdown timer will appear before launch if it's Time Listed). Your regular trading gas will be used for Time Listed Launches. Set snipe gas higher for Unlisted Launches where the opening time is not revealed and LP Add/Enable Trading txs happen at a random time!

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