Sell Limit

Sell Limits:

Creating a sell order is the same process as buying except instead of the "Buy X SOL" button you will have a "Sell X %" button where you can change the % of your token holdings you would like to sell when the limit order is triggered. Stop Losses or Take Profits can be used alone, or both can be set at the same time.

There is no "SL/TP" button as a sell limit already functions as that. Though sell limits do have their own unique feature. Trailing SL is used to trail price by your specified Stop Loss %. For example, if you set a -50% Stop Loss. As price moves up, your Stop Loss will follow and always remain behind price by -50%. If price moves against you, your stop loss will remain put until triggered, or will start trailing by -50% again if price rises past the previous -50% point. This can help automate your trading further, and make sure you secure more profits, rather than roundtripping.

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