Buying a Live Token

To view a token to you would like to purchase, paste in the contract address. This will open the trading panel where you will be able to buy that token.

To buy:

Click on one of the preset amounts of SOL which you have setup at the bottom of the buy menu or click "Buy X SOL" and then enter the custom amount you would like to buy.

Here is a breakdown of the trading panel when buying an already live token:


  • Liquidity is shown next to the DEX. This screenshot is from a previous update where it was not shown while using Jupiter.

  • If a DEX other then Jupiter is being used, the token pair, dex, and pair address will be shown.

  • The checkmarks next to each wallet means they are active and will buy on this trade. If you would like to remove a wallet from your buy, click on it and it and the checkmark will be removed.

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