📊Managing Trades

There are different ways to access your trades once you have completed a buy and exited the Trade Panel.

  1. Entering the contract address of the token you bought

For fast access of a token you've have traded or is currently live, enter the contract address. This will bring up the Token Trade Panel.

Be sure the wallets that own this token are selected and the up-to-date info of this token will show up alongside your current uPNL, realized PNL and % of token supply you currently own.

  1. Accessing the portfolio tab

From the main menu, click on the "Portfolio" button and the panel will show up with your active trades:

To access the trade panel for a token listed, click on the token name and it will take you to the buy/sell screen where you can trade the token.

Note: Click on "Share" to generate a PnL card you can use to show off your trades!

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