💵Issues Selling

Having problems selling a token is usually associated with slippage errors or being rugged. Here is how to check both to identify the source of your issue:

  1. Slippage

If you cannot sell, be sure to go into your settings and check your slippage. During highly volatile conditions, slippage up to 100% could be required to get your sell order through.

  1. Low Tip

This is one of the most common issues. Type /tips to see the current Jito tip rates for successfully landing transactions. Configure the optimal tip settings using those rates.

Note: Tip rates change fast. Check rates if you failed a transaction and adjust accordingly, or use Auto Tip to dynamically choose the optimal tip.

  1. Rugpull

The two most common ways devs can prevent you from selling is by removing liquidity or adjusting the max sell 0/nearly 0.

If you have persistent issues when selling and are not sure what the problem is, feel free to reach out to our support channels.

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