Sniping a Token

To view a token to you would like to snipe, paste in the contract address.

This contract address may either have a preset launch time set by the token creator, or a token which has been created with an unknown launch time. If the launch time on a token is preset, the trading panel will have a timer listed giving you the approximate time until launch.

To Snipe:

Click on one of the preset amounts of SOL which you have setup at the bottom of the buy menu or click "Buy X SOL" and then enter the custom amount you would like to buy. Doing this will automatically set up a snipe for the token currently on the trade panel.


ReadySwap is highly competitive in sniping early positions, often in the first 10-20 buys. It is a dynamic and competitive environment though, and there is also an element of randomness on SOL blocks (which are a super-fast: 400ms) that cannot be gamed.

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