Auto Tip

Dynamic tip settings that automatically chooses the optimal tip based on current rates for successfully landing transactions. There are three speeds you can choose from (Faster speeds cost more but have improved landing rates and priority): Medium, Fast, and Turbo.

Tip: Fast is a well balanced speed that allows for great landing rates while not being overly costly.

Max Tip Cap: Here you can set a maximum for the amount of SOL that can be spent on the Auto Tip feature.

Example: Max Tip Cap is 0.1 SOL and you have Turbo speed selected. Optimal rate spikes to 0.27 SOL for turbo speeds. ReadySwap will limit your tip to 0.1 SOL and send the transaction.

Note - Even at turbo speeds, transactions still may not land. There is currently no way to have a 100% success rate due to how the SOL blockchain is structured. If you fail with auto tip on, sending your transaction again will usually land it.

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