General Settings

This is where you can set your buy amounts, sell amounts and SLTP (stop loss/take profit levels). These can be set as "hot button presets".

To change preset buy and sell amounts, click on the button you would like to modify. This will prompt you to enter the new amount you would like to have preset on that hot button.


To input your Stop Loss and Take Profit hot button settings, set:

  • Stop Loss Level, e.g. -50% Stop Loss as -50

  • followed by slash /

  • then the Take Profit level, e.g. 500% Take Profit as 500

  • followed by a slash /

  • Followed by the percentage of tokens you are wanting to sell, e.g. 50% of tokens as 50

  • Note: You do not have to setup both options at once for it to work, you can also just use either a Stop Loss or a Take Profit on its own. Once your hot buttons are set, go to the Trade panel and paste a contract. In the trade monitor, your SLTP buttons will appear at the bottom before you buy:

Simply select your desired button and it will be active for all future trades!

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