pump.fun Tokens

Tokens which are currently trading on pump.fun are tradable through ReadySwap! To buy and sell these tokens, paste in the contract address as you would with a regular token. To find the contract address on pump.fun:

Once you are on the homepage of a token, the CA will be found in the pump.fun website url.

Important Notes:

  • If you are trading on pump.fun be to use SOL as WSOL is not supported there.

Sniping pump.fun Raydium Listings

When the contract address is bonded on pump.fun, put the contract address in ReadySwap (the Mcap/LP values will now be zero as it's moving to Raydium). Enter the amount you want to buy in SOL. When it launches on Raydium, you'll snipe it with your trade settings.


The same process applies to autoselling as with sniping. The only difference being, you select the amount you would like to sell instead. It will be pending like a snipe, and instantly trigger once it goes live.

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