📋Ultimate Copytrader

Seamlessly mirror those high PNL wallets you've been tracking through ALL relevant liquidity pools on Solana. Rely on our unique functions & protective features to print passive income with peace of mind. To access the copytrading feature, click on the "Copy Trade" button found in the main menu (/start).

From there, you will see this menu:

The checkmarks next to your wallets indicate which ones are set to be copytrading. To exclude one or multiple wallets from this feature, click on the wallet button and the checkmark will disappear.

Once you are ready to begin, click on "New". You will then be prompted to enter the wallet address you would like to copytrade.

Once entered, you will be brought to this menu:

Here is a breakdown of the available settings:

  • Settings - Brings you to a Trades Settings panel exclusive to your copytrading, where you can set your buy, sell, and auto tip settings. For more details on these refer to the Trades Settings section of the docs linked above.

  • Set Name - Allows you to name the wallet you are copytrading.

  • Buy X Sol/Buy % - Lets you set your buy amount for the trade. Pick Buy X Sol if you would like to buy a specific amount of SOL every time the wallet you are tracking buys, or Buy % to buy an amount proportional to what the wallet you are following is buying (ex: if the wallet you are copytrading buys 10 SOL and you have your % set to 25%, ReadySwap will place a 2.5 SOL buy).

Note: you can only pick one or the other, so make your choice and lock it in!

  • Max Buy - Set the maximum amount of SOL you would like to buy on any given copytrade.

  • Copy Sells - Turn this on if you would like to tracked wallets' sells.

  • Sell 100% - If you have copy sells turned on, this allows you to pick how much % of your tokens you would like to sell when the tracked wallet makes a sell.

  • Buy Limit - Allows you to set a maximum on the amount of times you can buy the same token (Useful if the wallet you are following tends to DCA and you would like to frontrun this by buying at the very beginning of it).

  • TX Limit - Sets a total transaction limit that will pause the copy trader once the limit is reached. Ex: if this is set to 20, after copytrading the target wallet on 20 different transactions, ReadySwap will stop copytrading that wallet.

  • Pumpfun Copy - Turn this on if you would like to copy buys on pump.fun as well.

  • Min. MCap & Max. MCap - Sets a range in market cap of the tokens you would like to buy while copytrading.

  • Min. LP - The minimum amount that must be in the liquidity pool in order for the copytrade to be executed.

Once your settings are set to your preference, click "Save". This will redirect you to the main copytrading menu where you will notice a new line has been added in:

The green circle next to W1 indicates the copytrading is active. To pause it, click on the button and the circle will become yellow. The middle button displays the wallet address you are copying. The red X gives you the option to delete the copytrading configurations you have set if you would like to stop using the feature.

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