Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to see my WSOL balance?

You likely have 0 SOL in your account. You need SOL to cover gas fees, even if you are using WSOL to trade. Once SOL is added to your account, the WSOL balance will become visible.

Why is the bot auto converting WSOL balance to SOL?

WSOL mode must be on or your WSOL will be converted to SOL.

Why am I unable to switch wallets for multi walleting?

You have to have SOL on the desired wallet to be able to switch. If you are using WSOL mode, you also cannot switch to wallets that don't have WSOL.

Can I retrieve my private key once my wallet has been generated?

When creating a wallet through ReadySwap, your private key is only shared with you ONCE upon creation. You cannot access it at a later time.

Can I snipe more than 1 token at a time?

Yes you can! Once you see that your first snipe is pending you can paste in a new contract address and begin setting up a snipe on another token.

Do I need to be monitor the bot while my transactions are pending?

No, once the txn is set it will be executed regardless of whether you are online or not.

Can I rename my RS wallets?

Currently not, however this feature is coming soon!

How many wallets I can generate in RS?


Does Anti Mev slow down my transactions?

No. Anti Mev has no impact on transaction speeds.

How I can check the recommended tip to be used?

Type /tips into the bot.

Why is my buy stuck in pending?

Your gas and/or tip is likely too low. This can happen during a very hyped launch or when the Solana chain is congested.

Why is my bot being slow?

If you are experiencing delays, try using one of our backup bots. If the speed is the same, you are likely being rate limited by Telegram.

After a token goes live on Raydium can I still sell?

Yes! Once it goes live, hit the refresh button on the token panel and you will see the Raydium pool listed.

Can I snipe a token's Raydium listing?

Currently not, but we are currently working on a solution for this.

Is copy trade available on this bot?


Can i use ReadySwap to buy pre sales on launchpads such as Solpad?


Can i use the bot with my own RPC?

No, we are not planning to enable the use of external RPC`s.

Can a VPN affect my transaction speeds?


Why does the token pool originally show as Raydium and then suddenly switch to Jupiter?

Most new tokens are launched on Raydium and eventually get listed on Jupiter. Since Jupiter is an aggregator which gives the lowest prices on the market, ReadySwap auto routes to it once it becomes available.

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