Once you've purchased a token you can track it in the Trade Panel. The token's market cap, price and your current profit will update automatically and do not need to be refreshed.

Here is what the sell panel looks like: (it will show up once you have bought the token which is currently shown on the trade panel)

You can either sell by preset percentage number which can be adjusted in Settings, sell a specified amount of SOL through "Sell X SOL", Sell All, or sell a custom percentage which can be entered after "Sell X %" is picked.

You can also use your TP buttons (the bottom row) which will automatically sell when the price hits either your TP (Take Profit) or SL (Stop Loss).

Sell 100% vs Sell All:

Sell 100% is used to sell all your tokens in one wallet/the selected wallets. Sell All Is used when you have bought tokens with multiple wallets and want to sell all your tokens across all your wallets.

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